Constitution and By-Laws of

GSAS Minority Biomedical Scientist of Harvard (MBSH)


Article I: Organization Name.

The name of this Graduate School Group/ Departmental Graduate Student Organization shall be: GSAS Minority Biomedical Scientist of Harvard (MBSH) 


Article II: Purpose.

The GSAS Minority Biomedical Scientist of Harvard [hereafter referred to as MBSH] is dedicated to nurturing the career development of biomedical scientists from groups traditionally under-represented in academia. Central to fulfilling the vision of increasing the success rate of minority scientists as they climb the academic ladder, MBSH will work(directly or in partnership with like-minded organizations) to fuel and propel the career trajectory of the under-represented GSAS students across all Harvard schools. 

MBSH envisions achieving the above stated goal through the following Specific Aims:

1.     Foster a community among the under-represented groups on the Harvard campus through social gatherings, which includes but are not limited to monthly mixers, summer retreats, spring picnics and group sports.

2.     Develop professional skills of its members through activities that include but are not limited to career panels, networking opportunities, grant writing workshops, lectures/seminars by exemplary Junior/Senior Minority Faculty.


Article III: Criteria for Membership

MBSH is a group founded to benefit the under-represented groups (as defined by the NIH) in the biomedical sciences. However one does not need be a minority to help MBSH attain its intended purpose. Criteria for membership in MBSH is as followed: 

1.     Membership in MBSH shall be open to all students currently enrolled in Harvard University and its Affiliated Partners (Hospitals and Research Hospitals) regardless of sex, race, creed, age, color, national origin, physical disability, or sexual orientation.

2.     Membership to MBSH is defined as anyone on the listserv. The Executive Board of MBSH is a small group (odd number) that oversees the actualization of the above stated Specific Aims. A majority of the Executive Board of MBSH shall be registered in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

3.     Membership to MBSH is voluntary and will continue until a student severs connections by withdrawal from MBSH. Membership can also be terminated at the behest of the member at his or her own discretion through a simple written request to withdraw from MBSH proprietary listserv.

4.     MBSH Alumni earn a lifetime admission to every social gathering and professional development workshops.

5.     Membership to MBSH is free of charge and shall remain so forever. However, the executive Board of MBSH retains the discretion to charge its members a fee for certain social activities, with the sole purpose of offsetting any cost that is not directly covered by Harvard University Funding.


Article IV: Officers

The officers of MBSH shall be composed of a Senior Chair, two Co-Presidents, one Secretary, one Treasurer and Directors of subdivisions that include but are not limited to Marketing/Public Relations, Community Outreach and Program Coordinators.  Any student currently registered in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) is eligible to serve as an officer. The Chair seat is solely dedicated to whoever oversees the Minority Affairs for GSAS. The definition of each role is loosely established allowing each officer the discretion for ingenuity and creativity in how goals are completed.

1.     The Chair has executive authority over all MBSH programs. The Chair also serves as an intermediary to Deans with the Harvard ecosystem.  

2.     The Co-Presidents shall exercise general supervision and control over all MBSH programs, funding campaigns and Executive Board Member recruitment.

3.     The Secretary will be responsible for distributing information about the organization, handling correspondence, notifying members of the organization's meetings, and maintaining written records of meetings and other business.

4.     The Treasurer will be responsible for keeping the financial records, collecting dues, which the organization may have, handling other financial matters as they occur, and submitting financial reports assessing funding needs.

5.     The Directors will be in charge on specific program efforts as needed and will interface with everyone to help pave a path to success on every initiated endeavor. The Directors will have absolute freedom on the ingenuity used to accomplish their tasks. 


Article V: Elections

1.     Officers (Except The Chair) shall be elected annually by the membership of MBSH. In cases when no one steps up for election, The Chair shall select officers. The terms of office shall commence one week after the date of the election.

2.     Students interested in serving as officers shall so inform the Secretary prior to elections. In electing officers, each member shall have one vote, and members shall be entitled to vote by written proxy. Candidates must obtain a majority of all votes cast in order to be elected to office. In the event that no candidate attracts the requisite number of votes for election, a run-off shall be held between the two candidates with the highest number of votes.


Article VI: Meetings.

1.     Regular meetings of the Officers shall be held at least once each semester.

2.     The Co-President shall preside over all business meetings of MBSH.

3.     Special meetings of the Officers may be called by any MBSH Executive Board members, who shall so inform the Secretary at least one week prior to the date of the proposed meeting.

4.     The Secretary shall be responsible for informing the membership of the date, time, place, and agenda of all regular and special meetings.

5.     For the purpose of voting at business meetings, a quorum shall be defined as a majority of the membership. Each member shall have one vote, and may vote by written proxy if necessary.


Article Seven: Amendments.

Any MBSH Officer(s) shall be entitled to propose amendments. These proposed amendments shall be communicated to the Secretary, who shall schedule a meeting for the purpose of voting on these amendments. If the date of submission of these amendments is near the date of a regular or special business meeting, then no additional meeting need be scheduled. A two-thirds majority of all votes cast shall be required for any changes to this constitution. The Dudley House Office must be notified of any amendments to this constitution.

Last amendment: 04/20/16