We want to fashion a networking, mentoring, and mutually invigorating society to support the growth of successful scientific careers. 

Our Mission

The Minority Biomedical Scientists of Harvard is a Graduate School of Arts and Sciences student group dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion in the life sciences community at Harvard.

MBSH aims to improve the experience of underrepresented graduate students in the sciences by organizing community-building and career development events throughout the academic year. Our main intent is to provide a welcoming and enriching environment to a diverse population of graduate students, research assistants, and undergraduates interested in a career in science.

MBSH promotes these objectives through various interactions with senior faculty as well as non-academic scientists and administrators who can provide counsel and guidance to help minority students thrive in their doctoral studies.

Recruiting and retaining a diverse set of minds and approaches is vital to harnessing the complete intellectual capital of the nation.
— Hannah Valantine and Francis Collins, PNAS

our specific goals

  • Professional development of its members by honing various skills such as grant writing, lecturing and seminar presentation, as well as other activities required for excellence in the competitive world of the biomedical sciences.

  • Development of programs promoting diversity among the DMS faculty.

  • Outreach programs to encourage scientific literacy among high school students as well as college undergraduates.

  • Networking amongst its members and alumni in academia and industry to promote a sense of community for the general improvement of minority scientists.